Construction 0800 NZ SHRINK WRAP

Are you sick of Tarpaulins flapping in the wind? Or having to untie them and then retie them?

Replace tarpaulins and the on going rental with the perfect temporary weatherproof system. Shrink Wrap provides a stretched thick cover over the scaffolding that does not rip or flap in the wind. To the builder it provides the ultimate working experience, where continual work can be provided to the client.

Shrink Wrap provides a complete weatherproof environment for your construction project. This eliminates a lot of ’down’ time, and for your project to complete on time. The plastic itself is attached to the scaffolding which can go over the roof completely or partially, and along the sides of the building.

The shrink wrap is fused together around the required areas and then ‘shrunk’ onto the scaffold to provide a strong and stretched fit to the scaffold. This eliminates the aggravating ‘flapping ‘noise you get from Tarpaulins. The end product once heated and shrunk ends up tight and springy like a trampoline. It makes you feel safer, and more protected. In cold windy and wet weather you can continue on in your job underneath the weatherproof cover, and be a lot more comfortable.

Shrink Wrap can go over any structure of any shape and size. It can stay up for at least a year. Any dust from construction is contained, so no more complaints from neighbouring properties. For ventilation, windows with zips made from plastic that you can open or close can be installed. These are cut into the shrink wrap.

The advantages of using shrink wrap on your site:

  • Protects your clients property during the construction or reconstruction from all weather elements
  • You will not lose time on the project, you can progress every day.
  • Once installed the Shrink Wrap will not detach from the scaffolding, and does not flap.
  • The Shrink Wrap provides an extra safety barrier, making the site safer.